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Bottom Seal Strapping Machines

  Bottom Seal Strapping Machines

Bottom Seal Strapping
Dual, Semi-Automatic, Bottom Seal Strapping Machine
    System w/Model "SC" Seal Type Strapping Heads.
Applies Two (2) Straps simultaneously.
Rail-mounted strapping machine for infinitely variable
    strap centers.
Semi-Automatic Bottom Seal Strapping Machine
Radiator Cores

Bottom Seal Strapping

Bottom Seal Strapping


  • A = Maximum Package height + 4" or A = 10" minimum
  • B = Maximum Package width + 10" or B = 27" minimum

  • Package length = no limit
  • Power Requirements:
  • Electrical: 110 VAC, 60 HZ, 15 AMP.
  • Pneumatic: 90psi, 60 cfm minimum


  • Model "SL" Seal-less Strapping Head
  • Model "SC" Seal-type Strapping Head
  • Full automatic with 2 photo eyes and non-powered roller top
  • Floating Head mount
  • CYCLE RATE = 8 Seconds

Semi-Automatic Operation:

  • Operator manually places package in position and depresses foot pedal.
  • Head functions are PLC controlled.

  • NOTE: All dimensions are approximate and subject to change.