Solutions for steel strapping™

Retrofits by Triangle Technologies

If you have a worn out Strapping Head that requires a high maintenance cost, it may be time to retrofit. Also, recent changes/acquisitions in the strapping industry may have rendered your strapping heads obsolete. Whether it's wear and tear on the machines, or it's getting more difficult to obtain and service spare parts, Triangle Technologies has your solution! We have a cost effective replacement Strapping Head for your application. Both Seal type and Seal-less type Strapping heads are available.

Invest Wisely

You do not have to buy a new $150,000 strapping machine to keep your packaging department up and running. The basic infrastructure of your existing strapping machine/system most likely has many years of economic life remaining. Do not replace the entire machine or system. There is no need to spend that exorbitant amount of money. Instead, Triangle can retrofit your existing strapping machine at a substantially lower cost. Typically, Triangle's retrofits cost below $25,000. Our standard work includes new Strapping Head mounting devices, hardware, installation and documentation.

In almost all cases, our strapping heads can be installed into your existing strapping system with only minor modifications (i.e. mounting holes) to the existing machine structure and to the system control software.

Forty years of design innovations and improvements have evolved Our Model SL and SC Strapping Heads into reliable and extremely cost effective alternatives for the automatic application of steel strapping material to your product. Simplicity and a lightweight Modular design...assure serviceability.

Based on recent historical averages from a variety of different industries, operating under many different conditions, the average part cost to maintain the Model SL Seal-less Strapping Head per 350,000 seal/cycles is $1,750.

    2.1 million cycles is the average time between major overhauls. A major overhaul will bring the entire strapping head back
     to like new condition and can be done for less than $4,500. The cost per seal/cycle is $0.005(one half of one cent) for the
     SL head.

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