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Seal-Less Strapping Heads

  Seal-Less Strapping Heads

Model SL joint Model SL "Seal-Less" Strapping Heads

The Seal-Less joint is made by cutting a sealing profile into the two overlapping strap ends by the action of a die (fig.1) and a punch (fig.2).

The "SL" Strapping Head eliminates the cost of seals and the associated expense to inventory and the ordering process.

The "SL" Head is primarily suited for flat surfaces. The head is a modular design with the In-feed Guide & Strap Straightening, Gripper/Cutter and Sealing assemblies all being independent modules that can be replaced in a matter of minutes with a spare module, keeping down time to an absolute minimum.

Our Model SL Strapping Head has proven itself over the years in many 24/7 applications in the Automotive, Tobacco, Concrete Block, Lumber, and Container Industries.

Note: This Strapping Head is an economical replacement if you currently have an old, worn out or obsolete Strapping Head. We can easily retrofit your current strapping machine at a fraction of the cost of buying a new machine.

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Model SL specs Model SL Specifications
  • Strap width and type: 3/8" to 3/4"
  •     Machine Grade, Regular Duty Flat Steel Strapping
  • Strap thickness: .015 to .023
  • Seal-Less strap joint
  • Minimum sealing surface: 5"
  • Pneumatic manifold assembly, valves, fittings and tubing
  • Filter - Regulator - Lubricator assembly
  • Air Motor - Strap Feed:
  •     500 RPM / 430 Lbs pull / 3fps Strap Feed Rate
  •     860 RPM / 290 Lbs pull / 5fps Strap Feed Rate
  • Pneumatic Power Requirements:
  •     80" P.S.I. Minimum
  •     Feed/Tensioning cycle 45 CFM
  •     Sealing cycle .178 cu. ft.
  •     3/4" Air Line to machine
  • Electrical Power Requirements:
  •     110V, 1-phase 60 HZ
  •     Weight: 100 lbs

Optional Equipment
  • Test/Service Stand - Allows for "off the machine" service and testing of all of the strapping head functions.
  • Floating Head Mounting System - Equalizes the strap tension with larger and/or ridged packages.
  • Hi-Tension Assist - For applications where the standard air motor tension is not adequate.
    This device is normally used in conjunction with the Floating Head Mounting System.