Solutions for steel strapping™

Strap Choppers

Model "590"

Specifically designed for the reduction of steel strap. Chopped strap takes only 5% of the space required to store loosely baled strap and increases the salvage value of the material. The unit mounts solidly on a standard 55-gallon drum.

This chopper is self-feeding. It will continuously cut a single strand of strap up to 3/4" wide x .028 thick. It will cut through a section of over-lapped strap and the strap seal. It will momentarily handle heavier cross sections of material. It is also equipped with a safety release lever for easy operation.

The 590 also chops up to 3/4" x .040 plastic strapping.

110 Volt - Single Phase (other voltages available)

Power: 1/2 HP
Weight: 155 lbs.